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    • History

      Solned originated from a passion to provide custom-made connectivity products. The founders have years of experience in the solar industry and in electronics. The contacts that were made eventually formed an extensive and pro...

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      About Solned

      Innovation and connectivity; that’s what it’s all about for Solned. We make innovative connections in every area. It began with connecting systems, products and technologies within the solar industry.

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      Solned responds to the trend of a lacking clarity within the guidelines for solar power systems. Solned develops flexible operational electrical components which provide connectivity for PV-modules and intelligent networks. W...

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    • Renewsys

      Solned works together with and has reintroduced the renewed RenewSys in Western Europe. Years of working together makes this partner capable of seamlessly collaborating in our solutions. RenewSys supplies backsheets, high qua...

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