We sell products of the Solned, GNE, Afore, Deye and RenewSys brands, which contribute to the optimisation and safety of your solar panels. Starting with one module or component to a complete solar power system.


Achieve a higher output easily and quickly. Starting with one module!

Monitoring tools

Always know when and where the weakest link is located and make improvements right away.

Safety components

Work safely. Disconnect the system from the grid at the touch of a button. In the event of a calamity, this happens automatically.


Convert direct current from the solar panels into alternating current for the electricity grid in a safe and efficient manner.

Micro inverters

Choose safety and a high return of investment with the advanced inverters and smart monitoring tool.


Use durable – if needed custom-made – backsheets of the highest quality and with proven yield.


Experience more return and a longer lifespan with our innovative intermediate layers. These adhesive layers provide adhesion and flexibility. They also keep the efficiency of the solar panels optimal.

Gecertificeerd Junction Box

As the first box in the world, our ultra compact junction box has had extra testing – with excellent results – for safety and fretting corrosion, a phenomenon that can cause wear and tear in connectors.

Complete systems

Each component contributes to maximum return. That is why we supply complete systems, in which all components are matched for the best result.

Solar parks

Invest in solar energy and achieve attractive returns. We bring investors and installers together and supply high-quality components.

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