The Deye SUN500G and SUN1200G micro inverter converts direct current from the solar panels into alternating current for the electricity grid safely and with maximum efficiency. 

Thanks to the advanced micro inverters, the panels are no longer connected in series. This gives you a higher efficiency because the weakest link does not determine the total energy yield.

The main difference between the Deye SUN500G and the Deye SUN1200G is that the SUN1200G is suitable for connecting four modules instead of two. The SUN1200G is also fully certified.

Why does a micro inverter have a higher yield than a series of connected inverters?


Suitable for two (SUN500G) or no less than four (SUN1200G) solar modules per inverter. This reduces the number of micro inverters required as well as the costs.

Easily monitor and analyse performance online: Energy Monitoring & Analyses (EMA) app, for homeowner and installer.

Up to 16 solar modules (8x SUN500G or 4x SUN1200G) in one string with a 25A fuse.

Daisy chain: flexible application of your micro inverter by connecting each unit to the desired number.

Each panel has a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).

Protects against overvoltage.

High maximum inverter efficiency of 96.5%!
Euro efficiency 95.5%.

Safer. No fire hazard and high voltage danger due to low DC voltage up to 60V.

Excellent price performance.

10 years standard warranty.