Did you know that shade has a big influence on the output of your solar panels? Do you have a tree in the garden or a building that puts shade on part of your solar panels? We have the solution for you.

With the GNE optimizer you can easily and quickly achieve a higher output, where necessary. Did you already install solar panels? No problem. Also afterwards – after installation or with existing solar panels – the GNE optimizer can be improved immediately!

GNE optimizer | Honeybee 350

Achieve more output easily and quickly with the Honeybee 350. This GNE optimizer ensures that each module performs at maximum performance. You can already start with one module!

GNE power optimizer | Honeybee 700

With the Honeybee 700, you get the maximum return on investment out of two modules. This optimizer ensures that each module performs optimally (maximum conversion efficiency). You can monitor each module separately, online and in real-time.

Benefits of the GNE optimizers:

  • to 25% more energy output through Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) per module.
  • You don’t need to renew the entire system or equip it with optimizers: with the Honeybee 350 you can start with one single module!
  • Also after installation and with existing systems!
  • The optimizer works with almost every inverter.
  • Wireless communication, real-time monitoring at module level.
  • Safety management: at the touch of a button, the entire system is voltage-free. In the event of a calamity, this happens automatically.
  • Applicable to both grid-coupled and grid-independent solar systems in different sizes.